Streamlining the Technological Development and Innovation Driven Change in Afghanistan.

Fostering Innovation in Afghan Computer Science Faculties by Intermediary Organizations

This paper on innovation discusses the ideal role and interaction of different actors in innovation systems and compare them with their actual role in ICT sector of Afghanistan. Modeling the innovation in Afghan ICT as a system, reveals that the linkage between actors are weak and limited. Several innovation development projects have been running inside and outside the government, but all of these projects are not designed with innovation as a system in mind. This paper is concentrating on the public universities including the opportunities, challenges, and finally recommendations.

    1. You can download the full research paper below:

Fostering Innovation in Afghan Computer Science Faculties by Intermediary Organizations.pdf

About the Author: Jawad Saidi as part of the ITRCA Team ITRCA LOGOis a recent graduate from Technical University of Berlin alongside working as a graduate student researcher at Internet Network Architectures research group, TU-Berlin. His report for a project received the best student report title from TK (Tele Kommunikation Netzwerk) research group in 2015. He is a dedicated network-programmer with special research interests in design and analysis of network protocols, Software Defined Networking, Cloud Computing, data-center optimization, and ICT4D. He has previously employed as an Instructor in Kabul Education University and different other private universities in Afghanistan.