Streamlining the Technological Development and Innovation Driven Change in Afghanistan.

A successful story towards awarding the Status of Center of Excellence in Quality Assurance to Nangarhar University

This article briefly discusses the quality assurance in Afghanistan public universities (The case study of Nangarhar University).

    You can download the full report below:

Quality Assurance Article in Nangarhar University


Mohammad Hamid Kadwal

About the Author: Mohammad Hamid Kadwal is a JICA scholar. He is currently a Ph.D. student in the graduate school of agriculture in University of Miyazaki, Japan.He completed his master’s from the Agriculture University of Peshawar, Pakistan. He has been working as an Asst. Professor in Nangarhar University since 2000. He also has some international publication.

Mohammad Hamid is a guest author of the ITRCA.

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