Streamlining the Technological Development and Innovation Driven Change in Afghanistan.

ITRCA Research Fellows

ITRCA is looking for junior research fellows who have recently graduated or are pursuing their bachelors project/dissertations in the field of technology, innovation and systems building. Students/recent graduates who show significant potential to contribute to ITRCA’s goal of doing conducting research that benefits Afghanistan’s growth in STEM. ITRCA Junior Fellows will perform innovative, technology and science research at their respective universities, workplace and ITRCAs locations or remotely and will be given training and access to all ITRCA team members and partner institutions. The fellowship is designed to be concentrated on learning research in order to produce quality researchers that will produce quality input for the Afghan society to improve on their respective areas. Each Fellow will be provided with a research advisor who is technically relevant  as per the interests of the fellow and engaged in the community and will serve as the conduit into the larger technical community corresponding to the fellow’s research interests.

The fellowship is a 8 months extensive research experience that starts with learning the basics of research methods and continues to explore expertise and ideas in the field of interest for the fellow and ends with a co-authored publication with the fellow’s research adviser. Upon graduation the fellow will be given a chance to be promoted to work within the ITRCA team. The ITRCA team is a unparalled in terms of innovation and technology research in Afghanistan. We believe this way we will have nurtured the best future researchers who will make a difference in their fields.


ITRCA is currently a community of volunteer intellectuals who believe that technology is one of the major driver for modern development, these individuals have gotten together and conducted different researches on the ICT Sector of Afghanistan. First established in 2015, The group focuses on research that prevents ICT downfalls and spurs innovation. ITRCA works on policies that can ensure technological change, innovation and a better regulatory for the country; engages in policy research, policy analysis, training and advocacy. We also do market research, policy and regulatory review, analysis and advisement. ITRCA conducts public-interest research on ICT policy, Development and regulation that responds to national, and regional needs. It provides Afghanistan researchers, governments, regulators, operators, institutions, development agencies, and community organizations with the information and analysis required to develop innovative and appropriate policies, solutions, effective implementation and successful network operations that can contribute to sustainable development.

The network contributes to the gathering of up to date ICT data and establish repository of information for furthering research and policy formulation. ITRCA promotes interaction between researchers and their peers at national, regional and international levels to harmonize methodologies, tools and standards for conducting public-interest ICT research.


The fellowship runs every year from April to December for 8 months.


ITRCA selects 4 fellows every year. The fellowship is demanding and requires applicants to demonstrate previous interest in the field and continued commitment.

Fellowship content

Introducing Fellows to Research concepts in general and the interest areas previous content on Afghanistan (April-June).

Exploring ITRCA partners and gathering data on possible research – working on the ITRCA Panel discussions (July-September).

Conducting Research alongside the adviser (October-December).


Fellows must be working on issues that relate to technology and innovation while also demonstrated a continuous passion to their field and the issue of research that they are looking for

Fellows must have good command of English language but research could be conducted in Pashto and Dari as well.

should be able to demonstrate experience and academic background sufficient to confirm their ability to complete the proposed program;

Is currently pursuing a bachelors’/master degree or recently graduated.

Intends to work/conduct research in areas relevant to ITRCAs scope (Check ITRCAs website to understand the relevant areas; also, check the previous works published).

Can dedicate at least 15 hours a week for the fellowship.

In addition, the following documents should be submitted.

Updated CV that gives clear information on experience and education.

Previous works that demonstrates the students’ ability to write (Can be an undergrad thesis, a proposal for research, published papers, articles, OPEDs etc).

An expression of interest to be an ITRCA fellow (at least 500 words essay format).

ITRCA will provide

  1. All fellows will be given access to ITRCAs office in Kabul for space, internet and videoconferencing facility.
  2. All fellows will be provided an advisor that will work with the researcher throughout the fellowship program.
  3. All fellows will be provided with facilitation to access the partner institutions, universities, government institutions and other offices.
  4. All fellows will be given a minimal stipend to cover the cost of transportation and meals.

Guidance for applicants

Before beginning an application, please read the above carefully, which provides full details of the aims and eligibility criteria for the Research Fellowship program. You can use the below link to fill the form and be considered.

Deadline is 31st of March 2018