Streamlining the Technological Development and Innovation Driven Change in Afghanistan.

Insider Threats and Data Classification

This Research By Abidullah Zarghoon, member of ITRCA team, discusses security threats originate from within the organization and the protection against those threats; moreover, this research also takes into consideration the idea of data classification to prevent insider threats to important data.   You can access and download the full report below:  Insider threats and data […]

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Accelerating Development: Networks, Data and Startups

This Article- By Nasrat Khalid who is part of the ITRCA Team, discusses development challenges and briefly exemplifies a few technologies that could be adapted to tackle these challenges.  The global challenges today are not any straightforward than ever, every country is facing their own unique challenges in the under developed and developing world. Challenges varying […]

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Measurement and Analysis of Quality of Service of Mobile Networks in Afghanistan – End User Perspective

Enhanced Quality of Service (QoS) and satisfaction of mobile phone user are major concerns of a service provider. In order to manage network efficiently and to provide enhanced end – to – end Quality of Experience (QoE), operator is expected to measure and analyze QoS from various perspectives and at different relevant points of network. […]

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