Streamlining the Technological Development and Innovation Driven Change in Afghanistan.

د هند فضايي ډيپلوماسي او د افغانستان ګټې

دا لیکنه په جنوبي اسیا کې د هند پر فضایي ډیپلوماسۍ بحث کوي. فضا ته د هند له لوري څخه د جنوبي اسیا په نامه استول شوې سپوږمکۍ او افغانستان ته یې د دوو ټرانسپونډرونو د ورکړې په اړه هم خبرې شوي. فضایي تحقیقاتو او فضا ته د افغانستان د راتلونکي دوهمې سپوږمکۍ د استولو […]

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Accelerating Development: Networks, Data and Startups

This Article- By Nasrat Khalid who is part of the ITRCA Team, discusses development challenges and briefly exemplifies a few technologies that could be adapted to tackle these challenges.  The global challenges today are not any straightforward than ever, every country is facing their own unique challenges in the under developed and developing world. Challenges varying […]

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Challenges and Opportunities of Innovation in Afghanistan Computer Sciences Faculties – Part 1.

This article – By Jawad Saidi, concentrating on innovation opportunities in Afghanistan is the first release of a series of articles on innovations in Afghanistan; mainly concentrating on the public universities including the opportunities, challenges, and practical steps.  This article deals with ICT innovation and it’s adaptation in Afghanistan and and further goes to stress […]

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