Streamlining the Technological Development and Innovation Driven Change in Afghanistan.

Recommendations on Public Sector ICT Service Delivery for Afghanistan

This article is written by Nasrat Khalid who is a senior researcher at ITRCA. Author Biography: Nasrat is experienced globally in targeting and finding potential in people, organizations, and governments to work better, more efficiently. Through better strategies and putting technology as the core of the solution; Nasrat has been able to initiate causes, organizations, […]

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ITRCA Second Panel Discussion-2018

The Innovation and Technology Research Center for Afghanistan (ITRCA) hosted the second-panel discussion at the Ministry of IT’s institute ICTI on 17 July 2018. The panel discussion included members from the Government, the Private Sector, and the Academia. Members from all these sectors were invited to talk their minds about how their respective sectors contribute […]

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