Streamlining the Technological Development and Innovation Driven Change in Afghanistan.

Telecommunication Tax in Afghanistan

This article discusses the 10% tax the telecommunication companies in Afghanistan charges and the level of corruption present and ways to tackle the issue. You can view and download the full report by clicking below:   مخابراتي مالیه: روان کړکېچ، اداري فساد او مناسبه حل لار   اصف حبیبي د المان د کایزرزلاوترن تخنیکي پوهنتون […]

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The Effects of GPS Technology in Kabul Municipality for Fuel Control

This report by Dr. Hernando Garzon and Nasrat Khalid will summarize an assessment on putting measures for preventing corruption through installing GPS devices on the Kabul Municipality trucks/cars that are used by the 3 departments namely, works and maintenance, greenery and lastly, sanitation.  We will firstly go through an introduction to the problem and the implementation, […]

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