Streamlining the Technological Development and Innovation Driven Change in Afghanistan.


Nasrat Khalid

Nasrat is experienced globally on targeting and finding potential in people, organisations and governments to work better, more efficiently. Through better strategies and putting technology as the core of the solution; Nasrat has been able to initiate causes, organisations and teams that have transformed and accelerated the development of different sectors. He specializes in Computer Networks, System Development, Technology for Development, IT management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Nasrat has established four organisations including ITRCA and is recognized by the G20, World Bank, ICANN, UNIGF and the Government of Afghanistan. He has Presented in global forums, round table discussions, conferences and is a TEDx speaker.

Abdul Saboor Mobariz

Saboor is an Afghan Fulbright alumnus, completed his master’s degree in Computing and Information Security from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), NY, USA. He has pursued his undergraduate in Computer Applications (BCA) from Goa University, India. Saboor has worked on some of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) key projects in Afghanistan, namely Paywast-Mobile Social Networking, HOSA – Mobile Service Delivery, Azmon Educational Mobile App, for seven plus years. Saboor has the experience of speaking at many professional conferences, namely 2012 TEDxKabul, 2012 UNDP Social Summit for Good, 2013 mBillionth Award Ceremony in India, and Toastmasters. He has been one of the first recipients of the IT Champion award from DEWAE, an initiative by the Afghan Ministry of Communication and IT (MCIT). Saboor’s interests area includes but not limited to Information Security, Research, and ICT, e-Gov, and m-Gov.

Mohammad Asif Habibi

Mohammad Asif Habibi is Ph.D. Candidate at Institute for Wireless Communication and Navigation of Technical University of Kaiserslautern. Asif is currently conducting research on emerging 5G Mobile Networks. He has M.Sc. in Systems Engineering and Informatics from Czech University of Life Sciences and B.Sc. in Telecommunication Engineering from Information and Communication Technology Institute of Kabul University. Asif has worked as a Researcher at 5G Mobile Research Center of Czech Technical University in Prague and as a Radio Communication Engineer at HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd. He has completed various research projects including a survey based research on Quality of Service and Network Coverage of mobile networks in Afghanistan. His current research interest areas are Quality of Service, Mobility Management, Device to Device Communication and 5G Mobile Networks.

Taufiq Safi

Taufiq safi is currently pursuing his undergraduate studies in Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, in the field of Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Prior to this,Taufiq has lead ICT related projects during his schooling in Sudan, Egypt and the Kingdom of Lesotho. With more than 2 years of experience in the field of digital and traditional marketing, mainly in Australia,Taufiq is currently managing ITRCA’s strategic marketing and social media presence.

Abidullah Zarghoon

Abidullah Zarghoon holds a master’s degree in Cyber Security from the University of Bradford, United Kingdom. he started bachelor’s of computer science in Nangarhar University, where he excelled in his studies and completed the degree with distinction. After graduation, Abidullah started his career as a lecturer of computer programs and IT Officer in National Agriculture Education College, Kabul.In 2016, Mr. Zarghoon successfully acquired a Chevening Scholarship and pursued his Master’s in U.K. Moreover, Mr Zarghoon has a vast experience of teaching, and also software and website development; however, he is currently focused on research in the field of computer security.

Nasratullah Ghafoori

Having completed his Master of Science in Information Systems from Japan, Nasratullah has been involved in the field of information and communications technology for more than 6 years including his latest lectureship with Nangarhar University, Faculty of Computer Sciences. His current research is mainly based on Cryptography and its possible applications in e-voting. While, Nasratullah’s main field of study is cyber security and his professional experiences comes with IT, network infrastructure and security departments.

Fayaz Kamali

Fayaz Kamali is Chevening Scholar Currently Pursuing MSc Cyber Security at University of Bradford- United Kingdom. He is a technologist with over 7 years of experience with emphasis on Cyber security, Voice over IP, Routing & Switching, troubleshooting and project management. Hands on experience in design, management and implementation of large enterprise networks, VOIP and information security infrastructure. His professional experiences comes from the private sector, Ministry of communication and IT and International firms,  He is a CCIE lab certified in voice over IP and among few top level certification holders in the country from vendors such as Microsoft, Ec-council and Cisco Systems.

Jawad Saidi

 Jawad Saidi has completed his masters level studies at Technical University of Berlin alongside working as a graduate student researcher at Internet Network Architectures research group, TU-Berlin. His report for a project received the best student report title from TK (Tele Kommunikation Netzwerk) research group. He is a dedicated network-programmer with special research interests in design and analysis of network protocols, Software Defined Networking, Cloud Computing, data-center optimization, and ICT4D. He has previously employed as an Instructor in Kabul University and different other private universities in Afghanistan.

Zohra Zekeria

Zohra Zekeria holds Masters degree in computer science from the Technical University of Berlin and completed her undergraduate degree in computer science from Kabul University in 2012. Currently, she is working as an assistant professor at computer engineering and informatics Faculty at Kabul Polytechnic University. In the meantime, she is head of research and innovations at ITCC (IT Competence Center of Afghanistan). Previously she has worked as a senior network administrator at Information Technology Centre of Kabul University. She is interested in performing state of the art research while using new emerging technologies like Cloud Computing, Big Data, Machine learning and Internet of Things.

Tariq Ahmadzai

With more than 12 years of professional experience Tariq is a seasoned ICT expert with an undergraduate degree from University of Glasgow in Computer sciences and postgraduate degree from Uniersity of Virginia in MIS. He has previously worked in Afghanistan, the UK and the US with international firms, private ICT companies, international development NGOs and is currently working as an IT infrastructure architect in the banking sector in DC metro area. Tariq keeps up to   date with technology and thus his main expertise are in the area of cloud computing and virtualization while much of his research is concentrated on digitalization, ICT4D and project management.

Karim Baidar

Karim Baidar is an Oracle Certified Professional (OCP). He developed several Android, IOS and Web Applications for many of the national and international clients. Karim Baidar is fond of technology and love to explore different aspects of technology on his own. Karim Baidar has 5+ years of experience in teaching online subjects related to technology like Android , IOS and Web. Karim Baidar worked in Java socket programming and have created a successful Networking droid with auto simulation. Karim Baidar have been working for almost 7 years in the industry and creating variety of applications with innovations. He has recently founded an Information Technology company named as In2Next in Afghanistan.

Tahmina Raoufi

Tahmina Raoufi has completed her B.A in Politics, Philosophy and Economics in Asian University for women (AUW) in Bangladesh. She has received brief training on MOUC (Microsoft User Completion) from Azizi High  Institute of Information and Technology, Kabul. She has conducted summer project as a research for the Ford Study program 2015 on women’s education and employment. Despite her diverse research experience in non-ICT projects and limited experience on research related to ICT, what drives her further endeavors is the compatibility of  ICT/Technology with development and entrepreneurial projects. Currently, she is working to develop the prototype  of her venture  ‘Global Education for Youth through Technology’ (GEYT). Raoufi believes that marriage of thoughts on ICT, entrepreneurship and innovations provides solutions to many of the social and development and economic issues in Afghanistan.

Ahmadullah Alnoor

Ahmadullah Alnoor

Ahmadullah Alnoor is a software engineer with 8 years of professional experience. Ahmad graduated from Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden with a Masters in Distributed Systems. Ahmad has worked in Afghanistan and abroad and has delivered within various organizational settings; from startup to NGO to Multinational. Ahmad has led and contributed to numerous software projects for the MIS, ERP and CRM market using desktop, web, mobile and cloud technologies.

Hamidullah Safi

Hamidullah safi is a software engineer with 7 years of professional experience. hamid graduated from International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) in islamabad,pakistan. hamid has worked in Afghanistan and abroad and has delivered within various organizational settings; from startup to Multinational. Hamid has led and contributed to numerous software projects for the MIS, ERP and CRM market using desktop, web, mobile and cloud technologies. He also runs his own software development company KarwanTech which works with international and local clients. He also contributes to ITRCA website.

Jamal Hayat

Jamal is a Ph.D. student in the Computer Science department at the University of Memphis, TN, USA. His research interests include Blockchain, IoT, Cloud Security, and Big Data. Jamal is also an Afghan Fulbright alumnus, completed his master’s degree in Cybersecurity (Information Assurance) from St. Cloud State University, MN, USA. Jamal holds a B.Tech in Computer Engineering from University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kurukshetra University, Haryana, India.

Abulfazl Jalaly

Mr. Abulfazl Jalaly. Studied his bachelor in Loyola Academy, Hyderabad, India. Mr. Jalaly got an online master’s degree in “Corporate IT Management” from ISBM, India. In 2016, he was granted Fulbright scholarship to pursue his graduate studies in “Cyber Security” in Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. He will continue his PhD studies in future in Machine Learning techniques and how to utilize them in cyber and information security.

Wazir Mohammadi

Mr. Wazir Mohammadi is currently pursuing his Master studies at Near East University, North Cyprus, in the field of Information System Engineering. He received his bachelor degree from computer science faculty of Herat University at 2015. He was one of the founders and active member of societies like CUBE in Herat city and Herat University Creative Technology Exhibitions board. He has three years of working experience on Database and Web development on various projects in private companies, NGOs and governmental agencies namely Herat University. His main research interests now are machine learning, Data Science and e-government applications.